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    2015 AGM Minutes

    Constitution and Rules Master

    Constitution and Rules Abridged

  • The 2016 promised to be an exciting day, with some “new faces” making it through to the final stages of this year’s competitions and three people making it through to 3 finals, as a result, play needed to start at 9.30am, with the first up being the MEN’S INVITATION PAIRS:

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  • There's a major piece on the back page of Chichester Observer today

    Chichester Observer gave our the club a prime spot with a feature about our pavilion plans on the back cover of the newspaper (edition no. 2/6/16). There is also a link and interview on their website with club President Simon Tooley

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  • On the 11th May, we were honoured by a visit from the Chelsea Pensioners.

    They were an absolute pleasure to be with and you couldn't hope for a nicer, friendly match.

    People are already queuing to put their name down for the return match to the Royal Hospital next year.


  • In the club's 135th year on Wednesday 11th May we welcome the Chelsea Pensioners.

    Starting with sandwiches for lunch and great afternoon of bowls in the wonderful setting of Priory Park followed by a fish and chip supper.

    May everyone have a great day.



  • A fantastic night was had by all on Tuesday 15th March at the “Fund Raising Launch Night”.

    Former Mayor and current Town Crier – Richard Plowman performed the number allocation and 2first draw with style and panache.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to make out your lucky number on the grid below. It was quite funny who got allocated certain numbers (I’ll settle for my number, any day of the week !)

    We had a few last minute joiners on the night, which took the numbers up to 70 and we were therefore able to raise the Prize Pot to the next level.

    Even though we have now started, people can still join, so please actively encourage your friends and family to join, it would be great if we can get to the full 100 by the end of April. Details can be found on the develpment page develpment page

    Normally we will be carrying out the draw on the 15th of every month. However for next month only, we will perform the draw on the green, on the opening day of the season i.e. the 23rd of April and get the Mayor to do the honours.


    Our first winners were:

    Ian Bartle - £175 -- Brian Talmage - £105 -- Ruth Ball - £35








  • As part of the development plans we are holding a Fund Raising launch Night on Tuesday 15th March. The evening will also include the first draw of the 100 Club. To download the poster:












  • In the early hours of Sunday 18th October, fire destroyed the 500 gallon plastic water tank which supplies the sprinkler system. For those of you who don’t know, the tank is situated in the bushes, just to the right of the ladies’ toilets. The Fire Brigade were called at 2.00am in the morning and have done a sterling job, controlling and putting out the fire. You can see from the picture how close the tank is to the toilets and the leaves right by the building are blackened and burnt, so we probably came within minutes of losing the club house! I will be writing to the Fire Brigade to thank them on everyone’s behalf.

    We don’t yet know whether the fire was caused by an electrical fault, or whether it was started deliberately, but considering the tank has been there since 1993 and has minimal electrical components, I’ll leave you to make up your own minds!

    Luckily Mick doesn’t use the sprinkler system during the winter months, but the problem we now have is finding a replacement, as the original installers have subsequently gone into administration.