Men's Page

  • Simon asked me sometime ago to write a few words for our new website. It’s been a real struggle to find new quills and parchment (even “Killer’s” place doesn’t stock them), but at least we’re set, so here goes.

    Along with many members, I attended the first draw of the 100 Club, a great evening and our first step towards fund raising for a new clubhouse. The draw result should at least stop “Whinger” whinging, at least until the start of the new season ! I’m taking advantage of this article to repeat what I said on the night. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Simon for all his hard work on getting the 100 Club up and running. It’s much easier to ask people for funds when you can show the efforts you’re making yourself.

    Anyway, enough of creeping to the President.

    A few early thoughts about the start of the new season. If anybody doesn’t know the way to Tarring Priory, they will by the end of May ! We seem to be playing them every other game in various competitions.

    The green is looking in very good condition thanks to Mick Page, especially his 6.00am starts (incidentally, if anybody can get rid of foxes, that would be a great help!).

    The clubhouse is still in it’s winter condition, but as well all know, Les and his team will have everything spick and span for Open Day – Thanks to all concerned.

    I would like to echo Wendy’s comments about the new season and look forward to seeing you all on April 23rd and over the coming months.

    All the best

    Stuart Meyer