Invitation Pairs

The closing date for each round shall be strictly adhered to, with each player having equal responsibility for ensuring that the match is completed by the due date. The first named in the tie shall be the “challenger” and is responsible for contacting the opponent(s) to arrange a date. In the singles, the “challenger” must also arrange a marker.

An extension beyond the due date may be granted, in exceptional circumstances, with the permission of the Competition Secretary, providing the extension does not exceed 7 days. In the event of a match not being played by the due date, the Competition Secretary is authorised, at his/her sole discretion, to either scratch both competitors or withdraw the competitor who, having been offered a choice of three dates, has failed to play the match.

Club Rules 7.3.5

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Previous draws can be found here. 2016

Group A

PairingG Buckle & C PorterP Ong & M DavisN Dearman & P MerrittJ Walters & S Meyer
Score/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPoints
A07-13 -6012-30 -180
B023-15 8233-11 222
C13-7 6215-23 -8020-17 32
D30-12 18211-33 -22017-20 -30
Total Shot Diff/Points244-300-1274

Winner Of Group A: G Buckle & C Porter

Runners Up Of Group A: J Walters & S Meyer

Group B

PairingT Daines & C WadeK Talmage & L EdmondsT Hardgrove & C SpicerI Linfield & B Talmage
Score/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPoints
E027-17 10221-10 112
F025-13 12224-11 132
G17-27 -10013-25 -12013-27 -140
H01-21 -11011-24 -13027-13 142
Total Shot Diff/Points-210-250366-110

Winner Of Group B: T Hardgrove & C Spicer

Runners Up Of Group B: I Linfield & B Talmage

Group C

PairingP White & K BurtM Lewis & D LeachP Whale & S Tooley
Score/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPoints
I29-20 9221-11 102
K20-29 -9033-9 242
L11-21 -1009-33 -240
Total Shot Diff/Points-190152344

Winner Of Group C: P Whale & S Tooley

Runners Up Of Group C: M Lewis & D Leach

Group D

PairingK Ball & P GreenJ Barker & C DeanM Bayfield & B ButlerL Etherington & D SchofieldJ White & K White
Score/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPointsScore/Shot DiffPoints
M9-34 -25014-28 -14020-15 5210-44 -340
N34-9 25232-16 16244-7 37226-15 112
O28-14 14216-32 -16023-20 325-36 -310
P15-20 -507-44 -37020-23 -3033-8 250
Q44-10 34215-26 -11036-5 31233-8 252
Total Shot Diff/Points686-990304708-292

Winner Of Group D: L Etherington & D Schofield

Runners Up Of Group D: K Ball & P Green

G Buckle & C Porter25
I Linfield & B Talmage19
T Hardgrove & C Spicer30I Linfield & B Talmage
J Walters & S Meyer20K Ball & P GreenK Ball & P Green26
P Whale & S Tooley19M Lewis & D Leach21M Lewis & D Leach5
K Ball & P Green24T Hardgrove & C Spicer16
L Etherington & D Schofield7
M Lewis & D Leach19